viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

Talent Management

This week we learnt about Talent Management and now are able to make the difference between Talented and High Potential Persons.

Dr. Steve Kruze taught us a lot about HR at France and Labor Laws that protect employees to keep them working.

We made several reflections about this kind of protected environment. Does it stimulates people to focus on development and self-realization? Or does this kind of protective environment allow undeproductive attitudes?

Dr. Krauze told us the way HR are conducted in USA are completely different as in France.

In France there is a legal obligation for companies to measure and  analyze Talent and my opinion is that this is a very good way for guaranteeing to have the right person in the right place. Another thing I liked is that companies must develop employees and there is a fund for training.

Also our Professor told us that from 1949 to 2013 unions have been loosing members and I think this is related to work protection laws so people do not need to spend their money in representations and get more engaged.

In Mexico, Unions slowed people adaptation to work and do not let them identify or become fully integrated to their companies

Our labor laws in Mexico were alike as french ones but recently there was this Reform to the Work Law and now companies are allowed for example to extend short-term contracts or trial periods in order to not acquire obligations to the employee for example those related to seniority.

In Mexico we must work 48 hours per week and in France only 35 hours and these is an opportunity to expend more time with family.

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