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Dr. Jean-Louis Burban share his incredible knowledge with us and we have learned so much about the European Community and now we understand how countries fought to get integrated until this European Union could be established.

Countries like Albany, Monte Negro and Serbia applied to the European Union EU but the process took so long. Now 28 countries gathered to conform the EU with a lot of benefits for everyone.

Since the 20th Century many efforts have been invested to improve quality of life. From 1927 to 1928 there was a Treat of Peace Forever named Briand-Kellogg Pact which was signed for 27 countries in the world, even Mexico.

But on September 20th, 1939 at 11:00 o´clock England declared the war to Germany an 50 million people were killed. It was until 1948 that polititians decided into The Hague to get together at a Common Union and stopped Germany, Britain and France from struggling.

So the Council of Europe was an iniciative of the Treaty of London in 1949 and many Treaties come along all over the world like the Treaty of Paris (1951) and the Treaty of Rome (1957) that transformed the way of European living making things easier from 1985 to 1995 that represent fascinating years for the European Community.

With the Treaty of Maastricht (1992) the EURO was accepted as common currency; a Central European Bank was settled in Frankfurt and a dutch President was elected to run it (Duysenberg). The EURO became stronger (1.6 dollars). All these make Europeans so proud of themselves.

Then when an European Constitution was proposed there were a lot of disagreements because of the European origins have to be written and musulmans and other religions did not want to talk about the christian background!

Because of this, our Project Team, began to think how important is the human understanding through empathy, mutual acceptance, positive regard and congruence to get into a common vision based on everybody´s wellness.

This class was so important to us because we can understand that we, humans all over the world,  no matter how long have been living on earth, basically react as we did thousands of years ago. We need to understand how much we need for one another to build step by step, together, a better world for everyone.

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