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Last Thursday we finished our interesting Digital Landscape class with Lucy Craig, another excellent Professor from whom I specially did learn a lot of new things that I can apply now at my own classes creating collaboration in community and allowing connections between students as Lucy did. She taught us that the learning process must be different be Icause student must learn where to look. I learned about Gen C which I never heard before and its implications nowadays. I loved her community practices into her dynamic classes where I could feel such satisfaction to be involved in this new generation C´s world and be part of it. Then we recognize all Gen "C" characteristics such as: Creativity, Connectedness, Communication, Collaboration, Community, Sharing, Empowerment, Engagement with others, Knowledge, Commitment and so on.... And also identified the Cultural shifts because Gen "C" its a new way of living easier and digital through a new economic structure that allows co-creation, constant interaction through sharing, balance and social media, among others. This new way of sharing unleashed creativity, provides power and increases communication connectivity. About personal privacy everybody assess awarness, common sense, self-responsability and Lucy talked about the importance of using only initials and avatars. We did learn about Crowd Source Services which I had never heard before too and understand how these new approach improve collaborative economy and is totally person centered and all these provide talent connection getting people and companies together on a success collaboration. Then we talked about Influencer Marketing -a concept I did never heard before too- and Lucy introduced us to Sebastian Felix who is the creator of the Influence Landscape and we all had the opportunity to hear about his work. I learned too about Curators and its meaning as people who is capable to select the right strategic shareable information. The last day we learned about Social Media Optimization SMO and Lucy taught us what SEO meant and it is Search Engine Optimization but SMO seems to be better now. We used Google Docs, Google Drive and Emaze Presentations and shared them to others and in our blogs. It was so amazing to me!!! Then Lucy introduced us to Anita Bryant and she talked about her work too and was so interesting to hear about her Travelport and every she has accomplished.

And that was not all, by the end of that day, Omayra brought us Mexican Tacos with Nopalitos with cheese and a delicious sauce wowwwww

Sorry I had only this photo but I could not take any more pictures because I could not stop eating this marvelous Omayras´s incredible delicious dishes. Let me tell you that precisely on that Monday we had been at the 14th July France´s Revolution Parade and at night the incredible fireworks at the Eiffel Tower and then the week walked by being from surprise to surprise.... That Thursday´s evening, Lucy invited us to Chantal´s Studio a magnificent creative Artist and her impressive work totally disruptive, amazing, with this new way of her own to express herself into their transparent sculptures where the inner world comes through appearing to be so alive, full of light and such as Chantal´s personality: impressive, bright, full of life and sparking energy in such a manner that words got not enough to describe the greatness of Chantal´s work. I am very grateful to Lucy for being so kind for having us and letting us to experience such an amazing time with Chantal. And for the books she gently shared with us, thank you very much Lucy. And Anita, being so nice to us too. I can not describe everything I want to say to you both Lucy and Anita. Of course Omayra that has been spending all her time being with us and caring about everything. Thanks to all of you so much from our hearts. We are not going to forget all this adventure!!! We love you all!!!


On July 5th we all went to Chamonix, France and to Geneva, Switzerland. At Chamonix it was very nice to walk through such an amazing Mountain Village that has everything to live in. A beautiful Church, incredible views, nice shops, and romantic streets to walk through. I could appreciate a nice community where everybody knows each other and have a peaceful life....
Next day we went to Geneva, Switzerland a very big City where impressive buildings, ancient and modern, tell about its importance as financial center. We ride across the city by a small train who drove us through its most ancient buildings that are so amazing...

We were so delighted with the view of the river and the geyser fountain in the middle and I was so attonished because they do not use Euros!!!

On July 18th four of us decided to visit Bruges,Belgium, only for one day, but it was a very nice trip. There I did learn that "brug" is BRIDGE. We had a boat tour through the Bruges Canals and it was such an experience. I was as being transported to another time and as Jean-Louis said, everything was "very romantic"...people speak Flemish and Bruges is called the "Venice from North"...

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To  people who are interested on Well-Being let us make a synergistic community for a new way of living through real PHD Investigations. Are you in?

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Social Media Optimization SMO

SMO according to Wikipedia, refers to the use of some social media outlets  and communities for publicity and increasing people´s consciousness about a product, brand or event. Is similar to Search Engine Optimization SEO in its intention to generate traffic and awarness for a website in order to optimize it and its content,  sharing across social media and networking sites.

7 Steps To improve Your SMO

Joshua Berg is one of the leading advocates of SMO. He has promoted a seven step model REALSMO, which is:

·                 Reputation

·                 Engagement

·                 Authority

·                 Leadership

·                 Social

·                 Media

·                 Optimization

 According to Steve Rayson:

1.    Reputation 

Starts with ensuring you are or act as an expert curator undertaking thorough research and producing original content or curating quality content. Engage and support people. Openly share your content and expertise including content that is not your own, engage with others through discussions and commenting, and if you are friendly and helpful to people, your reputation will be enhanced. 

2.    Engagement 

You need to actively engage with your audience. This can include commenting, mentions, shares, likes, and plus ones. No one is as smart as everyone so share other peoples' content and provide a good user experience by providing feedback and comments.
You need to target the networks with which to interact and make it easy for people to do so. It may be that people will interact with content on your site but you may find a far greater number of people willing to interact in their existing communities such as Google+ and LinkedIn. You can combine these by using say Google+ comments on your blog. Asking users to create accounts on your site will discourage users from commenting so use existing social logins such as LinkedIn or tools such as Disqus. You can also encourage people to engage with a call to action. 

3.    Authority 

There are many aspects to authority. Search engines are interested in ascertaining what individuals and brands are seen as authoritative and trusted by real people on the Internet. The most obvious example of a move in this direction is Google Authorship. Setting up Google Authorship can help establish you as an expert and show your profile prominently in search results. For example, researching and writing a monthly market update on “elearning market” will show result, picture and a link to a profile.  

4.    Leadership

Is about high quality research, thinking and original content production, researching everything about expertise areas and sharing thoughtful insights which will add value to your audience. Also creating value for audience through content curation -adding value to content by providing a summary, adding context or a perspective to the content that is being shared. 

5.    Social

Building high quality matters more than quantity. Seek out the experts in the sharing field, reading what they say, engaging them in debate to the own ideas.

6.    Media

Find and focus on the platforms, communities and groups where the audience use most. For example Google +  and according to Dustin's view "Google is trying really hard to give your shared links all the social credit they deserve."
7.    Optimization

 For example through sharing sharing buttons to demonstrate social proof. Grouping and displaying social icons all over the site. Using  login for users to comment.

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INFLUENCER MARKETING according to Wikipedia is a new form of reaching key individuals such as journalists, academics, industrial analysts or potential buyers, among others, who are capable of make other people decide on an specific brand. Sebastien Flix and Hugo Marchand say that “Influencer Marketing is the process of identifying, engaging and supporting the people who create conversations impacting your brand, products or services”.




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Talent Management

This week we learnt about Talent Management and now are able to make the difference between Talented and High Potential Persons.

Dr. Steve Kruze taught us a lot about HR at France and Labor Laws that protect employees to keep them working.

We made several reflections about this kind of protected environment. Does it stimulates people to focus on development and self-realization? Or does this kind of protective environment allow undeproductive attitudes?

Dr. Krauze told us the way HR are conducted in USA are completely different as in France.

In France there is a legal obligation for companies to measure and  analyze Talent and my opinion is that this is a very good way for guaranteeing to have the right person in the right place. Another thing I liked is that companies must develop employees and there is a fund for training.

Also our Professor told us that from 1949 to 2013 unions have been loosing members and I think this is related to work protection laws so people do not need to spend their money in representations and get more engaged.

In Mexico, Unions slowed people adaptation to work and do not let them identify or become fully integrated to their companies

Our labor laws in Mexico were alike as french ones but recently there was this Reform to the Work Law and now companies are allowed for example to extend short-term contracts or trial periods in order to not acquire obligations to the employee for example those related to seniority.

In Mexico we must work 48 hours per week and in France only 35 hours and these is an opportunity to expend more time with family.

jueves, 10 de julio de 2014


We have been walking through the incredible streets that in some way remember me being in Puebla. I don¨t know if there is a similarity but I feel at home.

We went to Notre Dame to admire this beautiful and one of the most ancient gothic churches and its charecteristical arquitecture and its gargoyles taking care of it in each corner.

We had been to Arc of the Triumphe constructed by Napoleon Bonaparte from 1806 to 1836 and this is a magnificent monument full of history remembering brave french people fighting for its country.

We have been walking through the beautiful Champs Elysees "La plus belle avenue du Monde" wondering how many times the Kings and Queens passed through with their carriages or elegant people over the world with their long dresses and funny umbrellas walked through looking for the best to wear from Paris.

Of course we had been at Tour Eiffel and its impressive surroudings admiring the sunset sprinkling over the magnificent Sena and travelling it by boat admiring the impressive arquitecture and of course, thousands of tourists.

Last weekend we visited Chamonix and Geneve and was a wonderful experience. But Paris is so unique and wonderful that I am coming back to tell about this trip later. See you.

martes, 8 de julio de 2014



Dr. Jean-Louis Burban share his incredible knowledge with us and we have learned so much about the European Community and now we understand how countries fought to get integrated until this European Union could be established.

Countries like Albany, Monte Negro and Serbia applied to the European Union EU but the process took so long. Now 28 countries gathered to conform the EU with a lot of benefits for everyone.

Since the 20th Century many efforts have been invested to improve quality of life. From 1927 to 1928 there was a Treat of Peace Forever named Briand-Kellogg Pact which was signed for 27 countries in the world, even Mexico.

But on September 20th, 1939 at 11:00 o´clock England declared the war to Germany an 50 million people were killed. It was until 1948 that polititians decided into The Hague to get together at a Common Union and stopped Germany, Britain and France from struggling.

So the Council of Europe was an iniciative of the Treaty of London in 1949 and many Treaties come along all over the world like the Treaty of Paris (1951) and the Treaty of Rome (1957) that transformed the way of European living making things easier from 1985 to 1995 that represent fascinating years for the European Community.

With the Treaty of Maastricht (1992) the EURO was accepted as common currency; a Central European Bank was settled in Frankfurt and a dutch President was elected to run it (Duysenberg). The EURO became stronger (1.6 dollars). All these make Europeans so proud of themselves.

Then when an European Constitution was proposed there were a lot of disagreements because of the European origins have to be written and musulmans and other religions did not want to talk about the christian background!

Because of this, our Project Team, began to think how important is the human understanding through empathy, mutual acceptance, positive regard and congruence to get into a common vision based on everybody´s wellness.

This class was so important to us because we can understand that we, humans all over the world,  no matter how long have been living on earth, basically react as we did thousands of years ago. We need to understand how much we need for one another to build step by step, together, a better world for everyone.

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Summer at European Management School

A June 30th we started our Summer Class at the International Business School in Paris. See how proud we are...

People at IEMI are so magnificent!!! We feel at home, so welcome!!!. Veronique received us with open arms and explained everything about the Seminar to us....

We were attending every detail....

Omayra has being coaching us through every issue as well...

Ehen EMC´s President Dr. Alain Hermelin opened formaly our Parisien´s Seminar al IEM, Veronique and Omayra organized a Welcome Cocktail with jummy Spanish Tapas and a variety of delicious french wines.....

On July 1st we met our first Professour, Dr. Jean-Louis Burban, who taught us about the European Union´s Organization. We loved his class because it is so important to know about the history, accomplishments, laws, councils, courts, procedures, agreements and so on, that facilitate this transformation under an integration of 28 countries when sometimes you can not even get two people to see to the same vision. It was a delicious time with Dr. Burban he is excellent Professour and we could see through his taughts the strenghts and weaknesses of Mexico too.

jueves, 3 de julio de 2014

Knowledge Sharing

Finally in Paris!!!

We have been so excited about this trip weeks ago and finally arrived at Charles de Gaulle's Airport and there was Omayra

waiting for us and I mean went WAITING because our plane didn't  let people to go down before it was at the door we should go trough. Then we had to pass the inmigration process and when they saw we were 14 mexicans decided to rush and without questions they let us in. But we needed to pick our baggage out and the plane was so big that a crowd was standing around the line. Meanwhile Omaya continued WAITING and WAITING. I think we reach her until 5:00 pm and the Taxis finally took us home :)

Then we realize it was Sunday and Mexico  was going to beat Holland and Omayra invited us to see the game and we all went to a bar full of mexicans!!!!!!

Then I will tell you about our first day at IEMI and ours fabolous ecperiences in the European Business Center where everybody are the best people we' ve ever met.