jueves, 10 de julio de 2014


We have been walking through the incredible streets that in some way remember me being in Puebla. I don¨t know if there is a similarity but I feel at home.

We went to Notre Dame to admire this beautiful and one of the most ancient gothic churches and its charecteristical arquitecture and its gargoyles taking care of it in each corner.

We had been to Arc of the Triumphe constructed by Napoleon Bonaparte from 1806 to 1836 and this is a magnificent monument full of history remembering brave french people fighting for its country.

We have been walking through the beautiful Champs Elysees "La plus belle avenue du Monde" wondering how many times the Kings and Queens passed through with their carriages or elegant people over the world with their long dresses and funny umbrellas walked through looking for the best to wear from Paris.

Of course we had been at Tour Eiffel and its impressive surroudings admiring the sunset sprinkling over the magnificent Sena and travelling it by boat admiring the impressive arquitecture and of course, thousands of tourists.

Last weekend we visited Chamonix and Geneve and was a wonderful experience. But Paris is so unique and wonderful that I am coming back to tell about this trip later. See you.

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