lunes, 21 de julio de 2014


Last Thursday we finished our interesting Digital Landscape class with Lucy Craig, another excellent Professor from whom I specially did learn a lot of new things that I can apply now at my own classes creating collaboration in community and allowing connections between students as Lucy did. She taught us that the learning process must be different be Icause student must learn where to look. I learned about Gen C which I never heard before and its implications nowadays. I loved her community practices into her dynamic classes where I could feel such satisfaction to be involved in this new generation C´s world and be part of it. Then we recognize all Gen "C" characteristics such as: Creativity, Connectedness, Communication, Collaboration, Community, Sharing, Empowerment, Engagement with others, Knowledge, Commitment and so on.... And also identified the Cultural shifts because Gen "C" its a new way of living easier and digital through a new economic structure that allows co-creation, constant interaction through sharing, balance and social media, among others. This new way of sharing unleashed creativity, provides power and increases communication connectivity. About personal privacy everybody assess awarness, common sense, self-responsability and Lucy talked about the importance of using only initials and avatars. We did learn about Crowd Source Services which I had never heard before too and understand how these new approach improve collaborative economy and is totally person centered and all these provide talent connection getting people and companies together on a success collaboration. Then we talked about Influencer Marketing -a concept I did never heard before too- and Lucy introduced us to Sebastian Felix who is the creator of the Influence Landscape and we all had the opportunity to hear about his work. I learned too about Curators and its meaning as people who is capable to select the right strategic shareable information. The last day we learned about Social Media Optimization SMO and Lucy taught us what SEO meant and it is Search Engine Optimization but SMO seems to be better now. We used Google Docs, Google Drive and Emaze Presentations and shared them to others and in our blogs. It was so amazing to me!!! Then Lucy introduced us to Anita Bryant and she talked about her work too and was so interesting to hear about her Travelport and every she has accomplished.

And that was not all, by the end of that day, Omayra brought us Mexican Tacos with Nopalitos with cheese and a delicious sauce wowwwww

Sorry I had only this photo but I could not take any more pictures because I could not stop eating this marvelous Omayras´s incredible delicious dishes. Let me tell you that precisely on that Monday we had been at the 14th July France´s Revolution Parade and at night the incredible fireworks at the Eiffel Tower and then the week walked by being from surprise to surprise.... That Thursday´s evening, Lucy invited us to Chantal´s Studio a magnificent creative Artist and her impressive work totally disruptive, amazing, with this new way of her own to express herself into their transparent sculptures where the inner world comes through appearing to be so alive, full of light and such as Chantal´s personality: impressive, bright, full of life and sparking energy in such a manner that words got not enough to describe the greatness of Chantal´s work. I am very grateful to Lucy for being so kind for having us and letting us to experience such an amazing time with Chantal. And for the books she gently shared with us, thank you very much Lucy. And Anita, being so nice to us too. I can not describe everything I want to say to you both Lucy and Anita. Of course Omayra that has been spending all her time being with us and caring about everything. Thanks to all of you so much from our hearts. We are not going to forget all this adventure!!! We love you all!!!

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