jueves, 3 de julio de 2014

Knowledge Sharing

Finally in Paris!!!

We have been so excited about this trip weeks ago and finally arrived at Charles de Gaulle's Airport and there was Omayra

waiting for us and I mean went WAITING because our plane didn't  let people to go down before it was at the door we should go trough. Then we had to pass the inmigration process and when they saw we were 14 mexicans decided to rush and without questions they let us in. But we needed to pick our baggage out and the plane was so big that a crowd was standing around the line. Meanwhile Omaya continued WAITING and WAITING. I think we reach her until 5:00 pm and the Taxis finally took us home :)

Then we realize it was Sunday and Mexico  was going to beat Holland and Omayra invited us to see the game and we all went to a bar full of mexicans!!!!!!

Then I will tell you about our first day at IEMI and ours fabolous ecperiences in the European Business Center where everybody are the best people we' ve ever met.


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